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Its Time To Celebrate Our Pastor's 32nd Church Anniversry...

August 22, 2010

The 32nd Pastoral Anniversary Committee have been meeting and planning to move us saints into high gear for another year of revival as we celebrate and honor our Pastor, Rev. Dr. Theodore D. Addison, Sr.!!!

The Pastor has many accolades and accomplishments and is a well respected preacher across the country!

For 32 years Pastor Addison has preached and stood firmly on the word of God!

For 32 years Pastor Addison has thrown out the life line, baptized, and given communion as Christ would have him to do!

For 32 years Pastor Addison has counseled couples, ordained marriages, christened our babies!

For 32 years Pastor Addison has visited the sick, prayed for the saints, prayed for our children!

For 32 years Pastor Addison has attended school graduations, birthday parties, plays, and sporting games!

For 32 years Pastor Addison has stayed up through the night with us, prayed for and with us, eulogized our family, took time away from his family to be with our family, traveled on our road trips, taught at bible study, preached Sunday after Sunday (with the least amount of vacation), PRAYED FOR THE CHURCH, PRAYED FOR CHURCH MEMBERS, mediated conflict, led by example, encouraged us when we were down, helped those...


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